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by: Leandro Mueller

FreeMedSuppQuotes.com is privately owned and operated by United Insurance Group (UIG). It is a non-government hub of information for those who seek understanding and clarity about Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap).

FreeMedSuppQuotes.com has only one thing in mind: to educate seniors and Medicare beneficiaries with an authentic and easy to digest information about Medicare supplements. We deliver materials that provide knowledge about the basics and practical details of this type of Medicare option. We also provide tools, tips, and Medicare supplement quotes that will help them make a sound decision.

For much wider support, we also have our licensed insurance experts to provide you the utmost assistance you may need. They will be there to guide you towards the right path of making a well-informed choice of Medicare option.

Everything that we impart to you is well-rooted from the information provided by the federal government. This ensures that you will be given with up-to-date and accurate information about Medigap plans.


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